Have you heard about ‘Earthing’?

Think about being barefoot in the soft grass. Think about swimming in the ocean. Think about running your hands through the sand. This is earthing – being in touch with nature.

It makes us feel good but we often only associate these feelings with holidays or weekends away. The earth and ocean can ground us – make you feel relaxed, peaceful and at one with nature. When you’re ‘grounded’ there’s a transfer of free electrons from the Earth into your body. And these free electrons are super powerful antioxidants.

Living in our cities ,surrounded by buildings, walking in shoes on our varnished floors and concrete paths, we are removed from that energy that grounds us so well.

Clinical observations at grounding experiments have shown:

  • Beneficial changes in heart rate
  • Decreased levels of pain
  • Decreased levels of inflammation
  • Increased sleep quality

Unconvinced? Take a look at This paper published by the US Library of Medicine from the Journal of environmental and public health.

Earthing is a simple therapy and it is FREE!! You can implement it straight away. The benefits are so worth it for your mind and body. With the longer evenings now, there is more opportunity to head to the park or beach after work – release your feet and plant them on the grass, sand or ground. It’s a lovely thing to do with kids too – getting barefoot often calms them down and helps them to relax.

Give it a go – just try it!

It pumps your body with antioxidants and has been known to help with back pain, high blood pressure and difficulty sleeping. I get barefoot every chance I get now.

Go back to nature – get outside, kick your shoes off, (unless it’s snowing, which is possible in Ireland in Spring!)  go for a swim in the ocean, or do whatever you can do to get in touch with nature – especially via the feet. If all you can do is run some cold water over your feet or pop out to your garden barefoot for a few minutes, do that.

Let’s get our shoes off and get back to nature!