The Irish times reported today that exercise not only improves heart function and protects us against a variety of diseases (I think most of us were aware of that one) but also….wait for it …improves our mental health. Yes, Yes, Yes!

Its true, research has now shown that aerobic exercise

  • improves your cognitive function,
  • slows down age-related cognitive decline and
  • may prove to be a powerful therapy to slow down the accelerated decline seen in Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s more important now than ever given our Covid-19 restrictions to stay active and aerobically fit. There are plenty of options:

  • Join an on-line class and work out from your home or garden. It’s a great way to stay active with your friends.
  • Walk/run/cycle in your local park or street (within the 2k radius of your home)
  • Skip/Dance/Play
  • Hurl/hockey/football/basketball
  • Garden/Cook/Bake/Clean (only if you have to!)
  • Home based exercises – the WHO have some nice recommendations (WHO stay active)


Some tips to cope and stay strong:

Mobilise: Step away from your desk – stretch – break from screens.

Laugh: Socialise with your friends and family on-line or on the phone.

Oxygen: Take in some fresh air – it will boost your body and mind.

Nutrition: Plenty of fruit and veg. Add colour to your plate to strengthen your immune system

Routine: Try to go to bed at the same time during week-days. Start your day well

Positivity: Focus on the positive. Enjoy the family meals, time together, developing new skills.

Sleep soundly: Take a break from the Covid-19 updates before you sleep. Read something different and upbeat, meditate, play some relaxing music.


Stay Safe – Protect yourself – Stay healthy.



Source: Irishtimes April 6 2020