And Breath

Are you getting that feeling of change? …summer drawing to a close, schools are back, transitioning to back to the office. A feeling of busyness, to-do lists, planning and perhaps a little on edge, a little anxious.
One word. BREATH – We probably don’t think about it much. It’s always there in the background. We breathe unconsciously but taking the trouble to direct our conscious focus towards breathing can have profound effects. BREATHE – It is free, it takes a couple of minutes and it is available 24/7. It will help you re-set, sharpen your thoughts, calm your nervous system and reduce feelings of stress. It will invite a more positive and balanced outlook.
Try it.
I would encourage you to start your day with it.  Take 2 minutes – at the side of the bed before you begin your day or maybe stand outside in the fresh air and focus on your breath. There are many ways we can do this but I use the simple 3-4-5 method. Only because it is easy to remember! Breathe in for a count of 3 seconds, hold for a count of 4 and breathe out for a count of 5. Repeat as many times as you have time for. Even one round of breathing settles the mind. Develop this habit by doing it every day you wake up. Repeating this for a few weeks will develop the habit so it becomes part of your day naturally without having to think about it. It can also be impactful if you feel in anyway stressed. Stop, Breath and Reset. It helps you to concentrate on the situation at hand, improves your coping mechanism and allows you to think coherently. I also find it useful at night-time. If I am having trouble sleeping with thoughts shooting around in my head, I employ this breathing mechanism and it works. I nod off after a few repetitions.
Just try it. Support your body and mind. You deserve it. #lovelife#loveyourself#health#breath#smile#positivity#backinaction