Avoid derailment

So now we are all inspired by the change of season, ready to kickstart new habits and feeling good about ourselves. However, the Halloween ware wolf is hovering….. derailment is on the cards!
For many of us Halloween is when temptation over comes us and we stray from healthy eating again. We rationalise it by saying…. “it’s only one night, I will be good again on the 1st November”. We get swept up in the festival that is Halloween. We all have a great night and fill our bellies with sugar and feel rubbish about it the next day but…. it’s not over! Either we have bought too much to give out to kids who call (the fear of running out!!) or the kids have hit the jackpot (their words not mine!) this year and have excess treats which would feed the whole neighbourhood. Whichever is the case we feel we have to get through it (the can’t throw it out mentality!!). The overindulgence goes on longer than intended and when we are getting to the bottom of the bags of rubbish and there are only the marshmallow eyeballs left …it is December. Christmas parties are starting and another festival begins. It’s very hard to get off that rollercoaster and the easier option is often ‘I will start again in the New Year’. All your good intentions are gone out the window. Before we know it, our clothes are feeling tight again, we are feeling down in the dumps about it, lacking in energy and continuing to comfort eat.
Make preparations to avoid excess sugar consumption over the coming months. Sugar can affect behaviours, cause weight gain and skin disorders, result in tooth decay, increase risk of depression, heart disease and diabetes and much more. I know it’s difficult but try some of these tips and tricks for a healthier Halloween:

  • Distribute small trick or treat bags to children
  • Don’t overbuy for callers, when it’s gone it’s gone
  • What about non-sweet treats!! Why not give it a try? ( See recipes in my blog section)
  • Set the limits beforehand with your kids so there is no misunderstanding
  • Keep the children’s stash out of site and in your control
  • Spend more time playing traditional Halloween games than devouring treats
  • Throw out the jaw breakers, the heavy sugar hitters, the excess!! I know it’s radical but why not? You are protecting your health and your families
  • Join me on my 5-week programme running through November and early December to support your health, avoid derailment and feel good about yourself. Contact Ciara for more details