Focus on both

Nutrition and exercise are key to sustaining a healthy life and maintaining a healthy body.

How we feed our body is crucial. Whatever we decide to eat or drink in any given day will have an impact on how our daily systems operate not to mention our energy and mood. This was a real light bulb moment for me when I began to take control of my body and health. Stop and think……if I eat this will it provide me with the nourishment I require in my busy day?  Will my body thank me for it? Or will it have a negative effect on my body and my overall wellbeing?

Every decision you make on your food and liquid intake affects you daily.  Wow!

I completely support the 80/20 rule – diet is the 80% and exercise 20%. Both are crucial to our overall health but what we fuel ourselves with from the inside can have numerous benefits and produce significant results.

Feed our bodies with healthy nutritious food and it will operate efficiently but feed it with rubbish and it will feel sluggish. It will certainly not thank you.

It’s all about changing behaviours and creating lifelong healthy eating habits.

While exercise may play a less important role it still remains vital for our health. We need it for posture, strength, avoiding injury, toning, flexibility and much more. Our bodies were designed to move. Staying active is key to heart health, mental health and general wellbeing.

Diet and exercise go hand in hand if we want our bodies to operate at an optimum level. Working on both, from the inside out and outside in, will reap multiple benefits in your weight management, energy, sleep, self-esteem, prevention of disease, mental stimulation, heart health and physical performance – need I say more??

That is why it was important to me to gain qualifications in both Nutrition and Exercise. All the scientific research points to the necessity of both to achieve optimum health. I want to offer that to my clients.

I run a ‘Health for Life’ programme combining nutrition education and exercise participation which opens again in January. The classes are restricted to four participants as I want to devote individual attention to one and all. The response to date has been tremendous.


The programme runs for 5 weeks and participants attend for one hour a week. I talk about nutrition for the first 30 minutes (but it’s not all me, we often have an engaging and interactive discussion!) and then I run a 30-minute Circuit session. Click here for more details

If you wish to join the next programme drop me an e-mail or give me a bell.

Your choices each day affect your health — make a positive choice for you today.