How did you handle the outage?

I have to admit I had a little moment when I realised that Whatsapp was down yesterday. I use it for all my contacts. It is so useful for my group exercise classes and to keep in touch with family and friends. Once I knew the internet was ok and I could run my classes on zoom I breathed a sigh of relief.  I am relatively new to Instagram and a non-frequent user of Facebook (working on that!) so it did not worry me too much. However, I understand how it must have affected frequent users and lovers of social media. I am developing my business account on Instagram and still very much a beginner. Thank you to Felicity McCarthy (Leavy) for her mentorship and getting me up and running in this space.  I still have a lot to learn!!
Once I accepted that those modes of communication were not available last night, I put my phone down and relaxed into my evening. I actually read Sundays papers and managed to read a few lines of a book. That was a real treat. I began to ask myself ‘Am I am addicted to my phone? Don’t get me wrong, all these modes of communication are fantastic for business and for maintaining connections but how difficult do we find it to pull ourselves away from them?
How did you react when the outage occurred? Do you normally spend your evenings scrolling? Do you take your phone to bed ? Why not learn from this episode and test your relationship with your phone.
Decide on a time and put the phone away. Occupy yourself with something you enjoy doing be it reading, cooking or listening to music. Maybe try a walk without the phone. Give it a go for even 30 minutes and see how it sits with you. Recognise how easy or difficult it is. If it is difficult maybe take that on board and build a habit where you separate yourself from your phone for a time every evening.