Thank you

2020 certainly tested our resolve, our resilience and our way of living. What a year!


This is a photo taken of me in Feb 2020 at the top of the fairy castle at ticknock on a hike with friends. I was oblivious to what was ahead.

Many businesses and professionals have struggled to pay the rent, to maintain their businesses and livelihood. Many have had to adapt and be creative during this time of uncertainty. I have been one of the lucky ones.

I launched Fabtrition in November 2018 having no experience in running a business. I quickly realised that there were many hats to be worn – the company accountant, the marketing manager, the creative designer, the planner, the presenter as well as the trainer!  I like to think I have grown with the business, learning, gaining confidence, conquering new skills as I presented myself to the outside world.

I have had to adapt overnight to delivery on-line, both for presentations, live group classes and personal training and technology was never my forte! I have thankfully managed to maintain all my classes and build my client base.

I would say to anyone who is considering a change in career and has a burning passion to launch a business – Just do it. Take the risk, you will not regret it. Even if it does not work out as you might expect, you will have no regrets. Life is short, we need to embrace it and spend it doing what we love to do, with the people we love to be with.

This is a photo taken of me in August 2020 on a family trip to West Cork, at the top of hungry hill. A special place in my heart.

I am passionate about health. I always have been and now I am sharing my knowledge with others and hopefully making a difference to their lives.

I have delivered presentations and written articles in 2020 on many topics including:

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Menopause
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Relaxation

To many groups including

  • Travelers
  • Gender Inclusion Network
  • KPMG
  • Logicalis
  • THB group
  • Insurance Institute of Ireland
  • Terenure Swim Club
  • Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland

A positive outlook and a can-do attitude help. Practicing what I preach to family, friends and clients gives me the energy and ambition to keep going – eating well, exercising, sleeping and learning to relax.

Make the most of your life, your mind and your body. I want to thank all those people who have supported me and put their faith in me. I wish you well in your journey.


This is a photo taken of me at Killiney beach in September 2020 after my weekly swim/paddle. Loving the waves, the exhilaration. It’s my me-time. Follow your heart and dreams.