Stop and smell the roses

Have you noticed things during the lock down you would not normally? Me too.

People’s houses? Pretty gardens? Graffiti? The other day while walking I noticed a fairy door on a local tree. I had passed that tree several times before but never noticed it. Always rushing, 101 things on my mind, just focussing about getting to wherever I was going instead of taking notice of the beauty around me. I don’t blame me. Life was going at 100 miles an hour. Working, events, cooking, taking the kids to activities – keeping all those plates spinning and many more. My day was packed from 6am to 10pm and I tried very hard not to let a plate drop – although I often did. Life looks and feels different now and I know it’s tough not seeing family and loved ones but maybe there are some new experiences we can enjoy now.

Personally, I am having a cuppa with my hubby at 8am every morning in the garden. We are spending more time as a family, exercising, listening to music, eating together, playing games and watching movies. (not previously easy with a 11, 17 and 19-year-old who were very busy with sports, school and college work and friends).  We are communicating.  The kids are developing new skills, running, cooking, playing instruments and even washing cars!

Take the time to stop while you can because our world will change again. We will reflect on this time and maybe bring some of the experiences with us. But for now, take it all in within the limitations of our movement allowances. Don’t have regrets. I was jealous at first that I did not live by the sea during this lock down and for those things I don’t or can’t have but now I am relishing the moments I do – to smell the roses, to exercise, to spend time with those I can. I know I am luckier than others who maybe do not have company in their homes. At the weekend I passed a young couple who had brought their chairs and a flask and arranged their seats within a safe distance outside the open window of an older couple. They were chatting, laughing and having a cuppa together. It made me smile. I hope you can find hope somewhere in this situation. Smile when you can, breathe deeply and take notice of the beauty around you.

The picture in this blog is of a rose which had fallen in our garden. We stopped and noticed it, brought it into view and now admire it.