16th EPH Conference recognises the importance of movement

Physical inactivity has become a major problem in our world. Generation after generation we are becoming less physically active. The revolution of technology has resulted in advances in medicine, reduced manual labour, enhancements in communication and much more. However, its convenience has resulted in a substantial reduction in physical activity. Sedentary behaviour is on the rise, many people sitting for hours at their desks daily and many children and adults using technology as their social and leisure outlet.

I was delighted to be approached by Anthony Staines to support the 16th European Public Health Conference through movement.

The title of this year’s conference was ‘Our Food, Our Health, Our Earth: A sustainable Future for Humanity.’ The buzz around the conference was palpable. The research, the presentations, the networking, the probing questions, and strategic thinking in an effort to make this world a better place. The delegates however were not forgotten. The organisers lead by example and approached me to deliver exercise sessions throughout the conference to ensure physical activity was part of the agenda.

Thank you to Anthony Staines and the conference organisers for the inclusion of movement at this conference. Our ancestors were naturally physical active. They did not need to think about including movement in their day.  We do. We need to ensure that we sit less.

If you are leading a conference of 1000s, a meeting with a small group or even arranging a one to one be the instigator for activity. Include movement in your agenda.
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