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Sedentary roles: Helpful shoulder and wrist stretches

These exercises are not suitable if you have any known inflammation, pain or serious joint damage. Always speak with your doctor before attempting new stretches or treatments. If you are experiencing any pain currently its important to determine the exact cause of your shoulder or wrist pain first. Shoulder Stretches  Desk angels Sitting straight in […]

You can do it!

I am sharing this beautiful note from one of my clients. She trains as part of a small group with me once a week. I challenged them in January to target a 5k run on 6th March. There was no pressure to run it. Just train and attend on the day and see what happened. […]

Worn out to vibrant

Try some of these sample recipes to help you through your day. Preparation is the key. Sticking to 3 meals a day and 2/3 snacks is vital for blood sugar balance. Load your meals with energy boosting nutrients (included in these recipes) to ensure that you feel vibrant throughout the day.   Breakfast Overnight Oats […]

Stop and smell the roses

Have you noticed things during the lock down you would not normally? Me too. People’s houses? Pretty gardens? Graffiti? The other day while walking I noticed a fairy door on a local tree. I had passed that tree several times before but never noticed it. Always rushing, 101 things on my mind, just focussing about […]

Aerobic activity – your brain will thank you

The Irish times reported today that exercise not only improves heart function and protects us against a variety of diseases (I think most of us were aware of that one) but also….wait for it …improves our mental health. Yes, Yes, Yes! Its true, research has now shown that aerobic exercise improves your cognitive function, slows […]

Is food simply fuel to get you through your work day?

For those of us battling to stay on top of emails, meetings, and deadlines is food simply fuel? The reality is that the food we eat affects us more than we realise. Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance, which is why a poor decision at breakfast or lunch can completely derail your […]

Are you getting enough sleep?

Sleep is good for your heart, mind and weight. It’s a fact! Are you tired? Struggling to get through the day? Feeling exhausted all the time? It might be worthwhile taking a look at your sleep pattern. The right amount of quality sleep can help protect your mental health, physical health and overall quality of […]

Focus on both

Nutrition and exercise are key to sustaining a healthy life and maintaining a healthy body. How we feed our body is crucial. Whatever we decide to eat or drink in any given day will have an impact on how our daily systems operate not to mention our energy and mood. This was a real light […]

Anyone for a brownie?

I love the happy pear. There I admit it! I often use their recipes when I am looking for a sweet treat, bringing someone a gift or treating the family. I can prepare these in advance if I know I am out and about and take one with me. Then I know what I am […]