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Focus on both

Nutrition and exercise are key to sustaining a healthy life and maintaining a healthy body. How we feed our body is crucial. Whatever we decide to eat or drink in any given day will have an impact on how our daily systems operate not to mention our energy and mood. This was a real light […]

Anyone for a brownie?

I love the happy pear. There I admit it! I often use their recipes when I am looking for a sweet treat, bringing someone a gift or treating the family. I can prepare these in advance if I know I am out and about and take one with me. Then I know what I am […]

Avoid derailment

So now we are all inspired by the change of season, ready to kickstart new habits and feeling good about ourselves. However, the Halloween ware wolf is hovering….. derailment is on the cards! For many of us Halloween is when temptation over comes us and we stray from healthy eating again. We rationalise it by […]

Set yourself up for success

Well, I travelled to hell and back last week, Ireland’s largest obstacle course run, in the beautiful Kilruddery Estate. The course did not beat me and I made it back relatively unscathed. I was lucky enough to have my 3 wonderful boys and my husband with me. We clambered over 10ft walls, waded through swamps […]

Autumn is a time for change

Welcome to Fabtrition and my first blog. I hope you enjoy it.
Autumn is a time for change. Our landscape is now changing around us. The grass is a luscious green, the leaves red, orange and yellow and the skies are rustling up a mix of weather to keep us on our toes. Nature can inspire us, clear our heads and focus our thoughts.