Dinner Advice

Ever arrive home from work starving? Reach for convenience? A couple of slices of toast or a sandwich? Try not to fall into that trap. Plan your day. Know what you are having and you will not raid the presses. Have some raw cut up veg ready or a cup of soup. Something to tide you over until you have has a chance of put the dinner on. You choose what you put into your body.

Know Your Fats

  • We burn fats for energy (not just carbs!)
  • Fats keep us insulated in every way – from our nerve cells to every cell in your body
  • Fats can help us feel full, increase our metabolism and don’t spike our blood sugars like glucose does
  • Eat natural unrefined fats. We need them for our cells, brain function and hormones
  • Some fats are essential for living – like omega 3 fats. Our bodies cannot make them 
  • Only a small amount of good fats are necessary
  • Purchase local and organic
  • Avoid trans fats

Using Oils

  • Store in a dark place
  • Chose a dark glass bottle
  • Choose cold pressed unrefined oils if possible
  • Avoid hydrogenated oils 
  • Avoid heating oils at a high temperature

Dinner Plate

  • Plan your meal 
  • Avoid ready-made meals
  • Use a slow cooker and/or steam your food
  • Eat fresh and unprocessed
  • Lightly wash veg
  • Leave skins on if possible
  • Use cast iron or glass
  • Combine good fats, carbs and proteins
  • Choose a smaller plate 
  • Include fish
  • Add variety
  • Add pulses 
  • Add herbs and spices
  • ½ plate should be vegetables (frozen vegetables are fine)