Why not try a protein-rich, high-fat breakfast.

When people start their day with good quality protein and a healthy serving of good fats, there are a number of benefits:

• Insulin and hormone levels remain balanced
• Mood improves
• Better food choices are made for the rest of the day
• Focus and concentration levels remain high
• Energy levels stabilize and do not fluctuate throughout the day
• People who are looking to lose weight often do so without making any other conscious change

Eggs anyway you like them…

• Boiled
• Scrambled
• Poached
• Omlette( I always add some fresh basil and cinnamon)
• Baked

I add all sorts to mine:
tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado, spinach etc…whatever I have in the fridge
salmon/chicken/turkey…any left over meats from the night before
Get creative !!